Hysterical Historical Hillary - Season One

Hysterical Historical Hillary - Season One

Hillary in another breakup/breakdown to have a breakthrough. The subplot, her teenage neighbor Lucas, deals with abandonment at age 4 through photographing homeless people in New York City.

Viewers will see Rain Pryor (Head of the Class) play Hillary’s sister. Christina Zorich (Fickle) play Hillary’s best friend and Hannah Hodson (Happyish) play young Hillary.

Yo Friedman Productions = Creator Esther Friedman teams up with her kid brother Sam Friedman. Esther brings her professional acting, writing and producer skills to the table. Sam, 16 years old and already an award winning director brings his creative eye and touch as Director and Cinematographer to this project.
Recently we where selected to screen at the Bushwick Film Festival.
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Hysterical Historical Hillary - Season One

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